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AMT Electronics Chameleon Cab Speaker Cabinet Simulator Pedal
Brand: AMT Electronics
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Product Description
  • Size Cab: Adjusts the overall speaker cabinet size being emulated. Simulates smaller 1 x 10" style cabinets all the way up to a thick sounding 4 x 12" cabinet, and everything in between.Magnet: Adjusts the frequency cutoff response of the speaker magnets. Position: Emulates moving the microphone closer to the center of the speaker cone, or further away from the center.Turn: Emulates the rotational axis of the microphone, from straight on to an angled away facing microphone.
  • Now, guitarists can easily record their favorite distortion/od pedals, complete pedal boards, or preamps directly into a computer or DAW
  • This would have otherwise, been impossible, resulting in a thin, fizzy, brittle sound by not using the proper cabinet emulation
  • AMT has packed a large range of cabinet sizes, speakers and mic positions; all inside a powerful small pedal-sized enclosure
  • Finally, the Chameleon Cab brings professional sounding results to everyone, without spending thousands of dollars on expensive gear!Simply plug the output of your distortion/od pedal or preamp into the input of the CN-1
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