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Pulp Logic Mix A
Brand: Pulp Logic
Seller: Teleos Modular
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Product Description
Mix-A by Pulp Logic is a compact 3-input AC-coupled mixer in the Pulp Logic 1U Tile format. operation couldn't be simpler - feed it up to three audio signals, adjust their levels with the faders and *BLAMMO* out comes a shiny new signal that sounds more or less like all three signals combined.

this Mix-A is in mint condition with no rash. includes attached tile-tail power cable.

12hp // 21mm deep // 10mA +/-12V // Pulp Logic 1U Tile

PLEASE NOTE: this is a Pulp Logic 1U tile and is not compatible with Intellijel 1U rows. in addition, all Pulp Logic tiles require a tile-tail adapter for connection to a standard Eurorack power bus. all Pulp Logic lunchbox cases include built-in tile-tail connectors for powering these tiles.

need a handful of 1U modules and accessories but don't want to pay shipping on each? we've got you covered! shipping is only $1 for each additional item purchased beyond the first and as always shipping is free on any Eurorack module purchase over $75. please e-mail or message directly for more details.

need a lunchbox to fulfill your needs for Euro-on-the-go? check out the Pulp Logic lunchbox we have in stock - complete with a pair of Pulp Logic 1U rows and plenty of Euro to Tile power tails!
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