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Fender American Vintage '62 Telecaster Custom
Brand: Fender
Seller: Music Mausoleum
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Product Description
If you’re reading this, I assume you know what this guitar is, and it’s your lucky day...

These guitars aren’t manufactured anymore, so getting a new one with true vintage specs more or less requires going to the Custom Shop.

However... about two months ago I stumbled across a dealer who had one sitting in inventory for years he had forgotten to list. I bought this amazing guitar new and have loved playing it- unfortunately, circumstances are requiring me to sell it.
Here is your chance to have a *nearly new* AVRI ‘62 Telecaster with a beautiful sunburst finish.

Saddles have been replaced with fender brass saddles and wiring has been updated to modern spec (from original “dark” wiring). Schaller strap locks installed and included as well.
Product Specs
Electric Guitars / Solid Body
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United States
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