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Casio SK-100 49-Key Sampling Keyboard
Brand: Casio
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Product Description
Vintage Casio SK-100 sampling Keyboard.
In very good condition apart from a minor scratch on the plastic.
All functions and buttons work, microphone works, sampling works.
Battery compartment is clean.
Can be retrofitted with midi kit and other mods.
Comes with 220V 9V original Casio power adapter.
You can "play" monophonic drums the on the keyboard - Bass, snare, rim, closed hihat, open hihat, cymbal, handclap. These are wonderfully lo fi.
improved sample frequency (10.113 kHz)
49 mini keys
1.62 seconds total sampling time
8 voice polyphonic, 3 when playing samples.
retains samples when turned off
2 short or one long sample
has 5 envelopes which can be applied to samples
samples can be looped or reversed
mono speaker
14 PCM sounds.
10 drum patterns, can program 2 of your own as well.
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Very Good
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