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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 pickup Wine Red triple
Brand: Gibson
Seller: Help! I Bought Too Much Gear!
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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom with factory triple pickups. This is a players guitar, not for collectors. The good news is that it’s in great shape for a players guitar. Original T-Top pickups, original frets in great shape, straight neck, good truss rod. Middle pickup is disconnected. It looks like the previous owner tried to coil tap it. Still reads a healthy normal 7.54k. All the other pickups’ bases look the same as the middle pickup picture. They have the embossed stamp but the ink stamp is worn off. I believe the original pickup covers are gone and replaced because all of the pickups have extra solder on them like the covers were removed. weight is 11.5lbs. Again that's "eleven and a half pounds". It feels heavy but not ridiculous, and it sustains forever and plays great all the way up the neck. Strong emphasis on the fundamental, not a ton of overtones. But this makes the guitar's sound a very "true" one. This guitar has lots of dings and scratches. Expect more than you see in the pictures. I tried to show the worst of the wear. Headstock has a ding, heel has finish broken. Extremely solid guitar, 3pc slim/wide maple neck, looks like one piece back. Not a pancake body. Deep black ebony fretboard with no light streaks. Almost has no grain! Beautiful 80’s Grover tuners, originals are gone. TSA case included, original is gone. THIS GUITAR IS SOLD AS IS. No returns please. I don’t sell junk, but I just want to be clear that I can’t take returns on this item. The price is less than I paid for it. If you think your livelihood is at risk in the near future, consider saving your money! I really love this guitar but I’m thinning the herd to weather the storm (preventative measures, not desperation). Guitar is ready to ship immediately. Take care of yourselves guys!!!! Ask any questions- I may be leaving out details.
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